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        Tank transport

Our transport company has been operating since 1979. It is based on many years of experience in the field of tank transportation. During this period, we have gained experience in cooperating with European leading companies in the business and successfully working with companies within EU and elsewhere. In enabling with whole logistic service we offer knowledge, trust and tradition which also includes tank container and road tanker transportations throughout Slovenia and ex Yugoslave republics ( Croatia, BIH, SCG ). Our task is provide Quality transportation.

  • we also deal with ADR transports having all suitable equipment and knowledge,
  • we have employed a safety advisor,
  • due to variety of service our transportation capacities are adaptable to costumers˙needs ( auto-heating of road tankers, compressor, ADR equpment, suitable trailers,...).
Our transportation capacities are apropriately treated and adapted to novelties:
  • road tankers with three compartments.
  • tank containers with three compartments.
  • one compartment tank containers.
Tank containers are treated as quality and advanced of transportation enabling fast manipulation and faster means of transpotration frequency in road, combined and multi-modal transportation. They can be also used as a storage room. In particular cases, especially in combined transportation, it can enable cost-efficent transport solution. 
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