Tanker transport

A reliable partner in the transportation of liquids and liquid hazardous materials

We offer comprehensive logistics services in the field of liquid transport to both domestic and international customers.

We provide the following services using the most recent Euro6 freight vehicles, L4BH tanks, and container tanks:

– transports of liquid substances

– transports of liquid chemical substances (ADR transports); and

– container tanker transports

It is our duty to ensure transportation quality.

Our work and services are very diverse, allowing us to adapt to the needs of our customers.

We offer:

  • Self-heated tanks

  • Unloading compressor

  • ADR equipment

  • Container tanks

  • Suitable trailers

Containers are a high-quality and advanced mode of transportation that allows for faster manipulation and frequency of means of transport in road and multimodal transport. They can also be used as a storage space. They make transportation and affordable solutions possible in some cases, particularly in combined transport.

We also provide ADR transportation.