About us

Many years of experience in the field of tank transport

Škofic Promet d.o.o. is a relatively new family business that has been in operation since 1979. The company has grown over the decades in the field of liquid transportation. We have always collaborated with leading European firms in this field. We provide the market with a comprehensive logistics service based on our knowledge, reliability, and tradition.

The company's main activities are the organization and execution of transport and the washing of tanks and packaging. We successfully collaborate with businesses throughout the EU and beyond.

We pay special attention to market information and novelties in order to meet the needs of the customer, where we not only want to achieve high service quality, but also to establish trust. We will follow trends in development, respond to innovations, and improve services. We also place a high value on sustainable business and environmental responsibility; in addition to investing in cutting-edge equipment - trucks, cleaning devices, etc. - we place a high value on continuous improvements to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve the goal of zero value.

We are a leading, trustworthy company in our field, accountable to our customers, employees, and the environment.